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Forever Free Motorcycle Hearse

These are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding the operation of our business.


Q: What happens if we need you in the winter months?


A: As of now, we expect to be fully operational between the months of April through to November. However, we know that the winter months can be very unpredictable in southern Ontario. It is not unusual to get warm periods in otherwise harsh months. In those cases we will evaluate the weather patterns, and make our decision based on road, and temperature conditions.


Q: How far are you willing to travel?


A:It will depend on a few factors.  The first one is the amount of time we have between the initial phone call, and the actual date of the funeral?  We generally do not want to have to do more than a day’s worth of driving, since the funeral usually takes place within a couple days of one’s passing.  Having said that…if the client was willing to provide ample time for our travel and cover the cost, we would not rule out any location.


Q:  Are you insured for any mishaps during the actual transport of the casket.


A:  We are fully insured, and prepared for any potential events from the time we take possession of the casket, up to the point of delivery. We have taken every step to insure that the funeral procession will be carried out in the most professional, and organized manner. The motorcycle will be given a thorough maintenance inspection after every job, and our driver has gone through every preparation necessary to insure the safety of both the casket, and any other riders in the procession.


Q: Do we call you, or should our funeral director arrange for your services?


A: If you already have a Director in charge of the other arrangements, then we would encourage you to allow him/her to contact us. The reason for that is because the billing will be going through the Funeral Home. If on the other hand you have not yet hired someone at the time,you can contact us, and see if we have yet worked with any particular Funeral Business in your city. Proper arrangements can then be made. We are a Family Business, and understand the advantage of building a rapport with our clients, and will make ourselves available to speak to you directly at any time. The important thing is that everything is arranged in a timely, efficient manner to reduce any unnecessary stress to the grieving family.


Q: Do you accept pre-arranged payments for your services?


A: You may arrange to have our service provided thru your funeral home when setting up a pre-arranged funeral service. We however do not directly accept pre-arranged funeral payments at this time.