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Cremation Services

Perfect for Cremation Caskets and Cremation Urns

Transport your loved one's cremation urn to their final resting place inside of a cremation casket that will accomodate your cremation urn on the Forever Free Motorcycle Hearse.

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Your loved one will ride with dignity escorted by your funeral procession motorcycle entourage and can be followed by family and additional friends on additional motorcycles or other vehicles.

Once your motorcycle funeral hearse procession has arrived at your loved one's final destination, the cremation urn can be removed from the cremation casket giving a loving closure for your family and friends.

Your loved one can be transported to any location that you wish and your loved one's final ride will be a remembered and cherished occasion.

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For a free, no obligation phone consultation on giving your loved one their final ride and creating a lasting memory for your family, contact George Winney - Forever Free Motorcycle Funeral Hearse Service / 519-915-6424 / /